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Gladys Cruz, Inaugural Solar Plus Loan Client

"I am forever grateful for MCCI and their loan products. I am excited to own solar and share the benefits with my tenants. MCCI has always been there when I needed them. First, I received a loan for my window replacement, and now I can add solar and replace my roof."

- Gladys Cruz, Solar Plus Loan Client

Challenge: Massachusetts homes, among the nation's oldest, contend with some of the highest electricity utility prices in the country and grapple with numerous challenges in transitioning to clean energy in low- to moderate-income communities.

Gladys' Solar Journey: Meet Gladys Cruz, homeowner of an 1890s two-family home in Lawrence, MA. When her home needed a new roof, she set out to find a reliable roofing company. Fortunately, a contractor recommended MCCI as a potential resource for financing her home improvement project. Having experienced MCCI's support in financing her home's windows years ago, Gladys contacted us to explore our residential offerings, including the innovative Solar Plus loan program.

After consultations with various solar vendors, Gladys chose MCCI’s Solar Plus loan program. With an affordable interest rate and additional subsidies, she found the solution to finance her roof replacement and install rooftop solar panels. Her trusting relationship with MCCI, built on our commitment to community well-being, set us apart.

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), MCCI has cultivated deep trust and relationships in the communities we serve. Our understanding of linguistic and cultural needs, especially within the Spanish-speaking community in Lawrence, fills a crucial gap unmet by other traditional lending institutions.

Impact: The Solar Plus loan program empowered Gladys with upfront funds to own solar panels and retrofit her home, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. The low-interest loan with fixed payments and subsidies reduced the overall project cost. Gladys' solar installation is estimated to cover 119% of the property's current electrical usage, substantially reducing both her and her tenant’s electricity bills.


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