Our Board Members

Malia Lazu.png

Malia Lazu

Board President
Founder, The Urban Labs

Lisa Kozol.png

Lisa Kozol

Board Member

Director of Development Consulting,

2 Life Communities

Michele Witts.png

Michele Witts

Board Member
Director of Finance, Coalition For A Better Acre

Yun-Ju Choi.png

Yun-Ju Choi

Board Treasurer
Executive Director, Coalition For A Better Acre

Lisa Torrisi.png

Lisa Torrisi

Board Member

Business Owner, Jackson Lumber

Orlando Watkins.png

Orlando Watkins

Board Member
Vice President, The Boston Foundation

Abel Vargas.png

Abel Vargas

Board Clerk
Executive Director, Masshire Merrimack Valley Workforce Board

Abbott Lawrence.png

Abbott Lawrence

Board Member
Global Analyst, Boston Common Asset Management

Kristen Harol.png

Kristen Harol

Board Member

President, The Life Initiative

Arleen Zorilla.png

Arleen Zorilla

Board Member
Manager, Lawrence Community Works