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From Vision to Reality: How Arka HR Solutions Leveraged BEI Advisory Services and Capital for Expansion

Arka HR Solutions was founded by visionary Latina entrepreneurs, Marcela Aldaz-Matos and Andreina Viera Silva, united by their passion for delivering exceptional Human Resources (HR) services.

Marcela has served as an executive in Fortune 500 companies, leading teams in the financial services and healthcare sectors, domestically & internationally. She is currently Arka’s CEO and the founder of MCBI Advisors LLC.

Andreina brings 20 years of business executive and entrepreneurial experience, managing infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies and higher education institutions. She is the founder of The Vieras and the non-profit, Boss Lady.

Recognizing the need to scale their business effectively, Marcela and Andreina, despite their deep HR expertise, sought additional skills in marketing, operations, and technology. They both previously participated in the Business Equity Initiative (BEI) program as consultants and witnessed the significant support and acceleration it provided to businesses. Eager to leverage this for Arka, they applied and enrolled in the BEI program.

Challenges - Marcela and Andreina with their BEI Strategic Advisors narrowed down their biggest challenges:

  • Market Visibility: Despite offering valuable services, Arka struggled with market visibility. They needed assistance in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness, attract new clients, and expand their market reach.

  • Operational Efficiency: The Arka team realized the need to streamline workflows and optimize resource allocation to boost productivity and effectiveness but lacked the expertise to make these improvements independently.

Solutions - Collaboratively, Marcela, Andreina, and their BEI Strategic Advisors focused on the following actions:

  • Marketing plan and execution: Developed a detailed marketing strategy and plan, which included launching a website, creating capability statements, initiating a monthly newsletter, and starting a blog to enhance brand recognition and expand market reach.

  • Operations analysis and optimization: Conducting a detailed review of workflows and operations, identified gaps and optimized resource allocation, laying a clear roadmap for improved efficiency and scalability.

  • Capital funding and assistance: BEI connected Arka HR with the Boston Foundation’s Business Equity Fund (BEF), aiding in a successful loan application, and providing support in documentation and communication.

Impact - Arka was able to successfully work through their challenges and achieve the following:

  • 200% Growth in LinkedIn Audience: Arka bolstered its brand presence with a well-defined marketing strategy.

  • 800+ Hours of Bilingual Training: Launched Arka Academy, a training and development service, training over 200 employees in both English and Spanish.

  • Community Impact through Funding: Securing the BEF loan from the Boston Foundation allows Arka to expand operations, create jobs, support local suppliers, and contribute to local economic growth.

“Overall, our participation in the Business Equity Initiative (BEI) program was driven by a desire to overcome specific challenges and position our business for long-term success and impact in our community. Through collaboration with the program team and fellow entrepreneurs, we were able to address these issues proactively and make significant strides towards achieving our growth objectives." Marcela Aldaz-Matos, Co-Founder and CEO, and Andreina Viera Silva, Co-Founder and President, Arka Hr Solutions


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