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2022 Annual Report: Uniting Strengths & Expanding Impact Together

We are thrilled to share an exciting milestone- the release of our first annual report as a merged organization. The decision to merge Mill Cities Community Investments (MCCI) and the Foundation for Business Equity (FBE) was rooted in the belief that by coming together, we could amplify our impact and achieve our shared vision more effectively to bridge the capital access gap in low-to-moderate income (LMI) populations in the Merrimack Valley and across Massachusetts. As we navigated the complexities of merging two organizations a year into the journey, our dedication to our mission to grow the assets and wealth of historically disinvested individuals and their communities by providing robust advice, resourced networks, and capital investment has remained unwavering.

This inaugural annual report stands as evidence of the commitment and efforts put forth by every member of our team, our ecosystem partners, and our supporters. We have been able to achieve remarkable milestones and make a meaningful difference in the small business and residential communities we serve. The report highlights key achievements in areas that matter most to us, such as doubling our commercial loan volumes, addressing barriers and gaps for LMI homeowners to transition to clean energy, and providing focused high-touch advisory services so that our entrepreneurs reach their full growth potential.

As we celebrate our accomplishments in this first annual report, we also look ahead to an exciting future filled with new challenges, opportunities, and innovations. With the backing of our dedicated team and collaborators, we are shaping a far-reaching organization dedicated to dismantling economic and racial disparities.


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