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Business Equity Investment Fund


MCCI understands that entrepreneurs want financing options outside the conventional small business loan. We created the MCCI Business Equity Investment Fund to support business owners with patient, longer-term financing capital. We know that debt financing, loans and loan payments can sometimes be a burden on cash flows and a hinderance to company growth. As an investor, MCCI invests in and purchases
company stock (equity) to support your business’ long-term growth and development.

Example of Equity Financing: An entrepreneur needs to raise capital to finance business expansion i.e., fund new product lines, strategic initiatives, purchase equipment, buy inventory, hire more staff, open new office, etc. The owner decides it’s in the best interest of the company and ownership to trade 15% of company equity shares in return for equity investment capital.

Contact Anthony Rust at (978) 252-2619 or for more information.


  • Amount: Up to $1.5M

  • Terms: Up to 10 years

  • Mission: Alignment with business owners

  • Type of Equity: Preferred

  • Percentage Ownership: Valuations to be determined on individual company basis

  • Value: Patient capital that purchases company shares (equity) to support growth

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