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Roof Repair Loan Keeps Homeowner in Their Home

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Florence* is a low-income resident of Lawrence, earning $14,000 a year at her job as a kitchen aid at a local school. She lives alone in the home she was born in and inherited from her mother. Hurricane Sandy caused severe damage when a tree fell on her roof. The insurance company called it an "Act of God" event and told her she was not covered. The City was about to condemn the house when a city inspector called MCCI and asked for our help. Florence had no credit, but MCCI was able to use alternative credit sources such as church tithing and electric and gas bills. MCCI approved a loan of $32,000 to help correct the issues and make Florence's home habitable again. To date, she has not missed a payment and is very happy that MCCI was able to aid her when she had no one else to help her stay in her home.

Florence* is not her real name and is used to protect the privacy of MCCI's client.


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